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1. [ Lightweight and Breathable ]: dirt bike gloves are made of lightweight superfine fiber and breathable material, which can increase airflow circulation throughout your fingers so they don’t get sweaty. It can be carried in the pocket of motorcycle riding clothes or other storage bags without feeling bulky.
2. [ Excellent Grip ]: Non-slip microfiber design on the palm and all fingers, these dirt bike gloves maximize your grip on the handlebars, providing confidence and control while riding.
3. [ Safety and Comfort ]: Protective silicone can provide protection for the hands whether you’re bombing down a hill or racing through some singletrack.  dirt bike gloves are padded and soft and increase comfort, especially on long rides or over rough terrain.
4. [ Touch-screen Design ]: The index finger and thumb have a touch screen function, which contains conductive metal fibers. So you don’t need to worry about taking off the gloves to use your phone while on the trail.

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1. Reliable Materials: Made of high-quality microfiber, these motorcycle gloves are breathable and lightweight, keeping your hands dry and comfortable while riding. They also have touchscreen functionality for convenience.
2. Touch Screen Design: Enjoy the convenience of using your phone or GPS without removing your gloves. The fingertips of the gloves are made of sensitive touchscreen material that allows you to easily operate any touchscreen device.
3. Elegant Printing: Whether you ride a motorcycle or a bicycle, these gloves let you use your phone without taking them off. They are practical and fashionable, with classic printing that shows your personality and taste. You will be eye-catching on the road with these gloves.
4. Sweat-absorbing mesh: The gloves feature a mesh fabric on the palm that effectively drains sweat from the palm, keeping your hands dry and breathable. This also prevents slipping and blistering while riding your motorcycle.
5. Comfortable and adjustable fit: These motorcycle gloves’ touchscreen has a Magic Stick adjustment that allows you to freely adjust the size according to your hand size, making you feel more comfortable and fit on the wrist of the gloves.

Enjoy a comfortable and wear-resistant ride with these motorcycle gloves. Whether you ride a motorcycle or a bicycle, these gloves will prevent slipping and blistering. The touchscreen design allows you to use your phone or GPS without taking off the gloves. The adjustable strap on the wrist of the gloves ensures a snug fit.

Product name: Motocross Gloves
Material: Microfiber
Season: four seasons
Crowd: General
Suitable for: motorcycle riding, bicycle riding, fishing, etc.
packing list:

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