Motorcycle Gear Shift Shoe Cover

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A highly useful accessory for every Biker who is keen on protecting his leather footwear. The Motorcycle Gear Shift Protector is a slip-on motorcycle boot shifter protector.

It fits over any size boot and protects the boot fabric from being ruined by shifting the gears. Keep your boots shining like new!

Adjustable Strap
Fits to toe cap
Strapped to shoelace
Anti-Slip grip



Motorcycle Shifter Pads are shoe protector that protects the left shoe from scratches during motorcycle shifting. The strap can be adjusted according to actual needs. Soft rubber fits snugly in most sizes of boots and shoes.

Name: Motorcycle Gear Shift Pad
Material: Rubber
Size: About 11.5*8cm/4.52*3.14in

Packing List:
1 x Motorcycle Gear Shift Shoe Cover

Due to manual measurement, there is a tolerance in the product size.

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1.【Durable Material】The Motorcycle Gear Shift Pad made of rubber material is wear-resistant and not easy to age, ensuring strong durability for long-term use.

2.【Avoid Scratches】To protect your shoes from scratches when shifting gears, we specially designed these Motorcycle Shifter Pads. Prevent scratching and peeling.

3.【Easy to Fasten】Motorcycle Gear Shift Shoe Cover can be used to fasten shoelaces and toe caps. It’s easy to put on and fasten to the laces so it won’t slip.

4.【Portable and Compact】The Motorcycle Riding Shoe Protector is small in size, light in weight and easy to carry. It has an extremely small footprint and is easy to store.

5.【Strap Adjustable】This Motorcycle Shoe Cover Pad can be adjusted according to actual needs. Soft motorcycle shift pads fit most sizes of boots and shoes.

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